Monday, May 20, 2013

Pregnancy-Week 19, Amazing vs. Awkward

The Amazing
  1. Baby boy is growing healthy and strong! Husband and I had our first ultrasound a few weeks ago, where we saw baby boy moving all around, and literally waving at us! Our doctor said that he is growing right on schedule and is about 6 inches long now. Keep growing little one.
  2. Pregnancy pants. Okay so up until today I really did not want to like any pregnancy clothes. I just wanted to wear my regular clothes and stick to maxi dresses, etc. However, my sweet mother-in-law gave me a pair of prego shorts for my birthday and I tried them on today. HEAVENLY! This wide-load pregnant mama is now a pregnancy pant believer. Who knew I'd cave so easily!?
The Awkward
  1. I had a complete stranger rub my belly this week. Not just touch my belly, because that would have been awkward enough. She had both hands fully on my belly, rubbing in a circular motion for a full 30 seconds. I felt like I was a car getting dried off at the carwash!
  2. Thinking I could squeeze by anything now! My truck was parked a little too close to a wall in our garage and I told husband, “No it’s fine, I can squeeze in!” Not even close. Husband looked at me with compassionate eyes that were really saying, “yea nice try babe. I knew you wouldn’t fit, but if I had said that you might breakdown into a crying fit, so I’ll just keep quiet.” He is oh so wise.


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