Wednesday, September 23, 2015

When husbands away!

Husband had to go on a work trip last week which is something I dread every time it happens. Thankfully this was a short 3.5 day trip as opposed to his 12 day trips! I tear up just thinking about the 12 days trips. Husband being gone means several times a year I revert back to my childish ways like becoming afraid of the little noises in my house! Now, mind you, before I got married I lived alone and loved it. Phil is just so strong and manly that I never worry about someone breaking into our house until he's gone. Why is it that when your husband goes away there are more spiders to kill, gun shots heard (aka: fireworks, but hello, they do sound like gun shots!) and kid meltdowns than normal!?!

As much as I hate it when Phil is gone I know someone has to work to put coffee on the table, I mean food. Now usually I spend the time either at my house or I load up the car and head to my parents. This time I changed it up. My bestie Katie just happened to be home alone with her two kiddos this weekend too so I loaded up the car and had a sleep over at her casa. Our kids are almost the same ages so they played beautifully with each other and Katie and I spent the day catching up and sipping coffee. You know you can only get a sip in at a time when you have an almost 2 year old and a 6 week old! Memories were definitely made with this crazy bunch.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

DIY Nursery

Have you ever sat down to Pinterest and planned the most gorgeous room then realized that you couldn't even afford the lightbulb in that room? Welcome to my world! Planning on what to do for Wendy’s side of the nursery was frustrating at first because I had a very, very limited budget to work with. However, having a small budget forced me to be creative!

I’m not big on theme nurseries especially since Owen and Wendy are sharing a room so I decided I wanted to go with fun and colorful patterns for Wendy’s side instead.  Husband and I always do house projects together which can be frustrating and ridiculously fun at the same time. I’m always in awe of how he can see a project completely differently than me, and come up with creative ideas that mesh well with my own ideas. So ladies, let your hubby’s be involved if they want to! The projects we decided to do for the nursery were: paint an accent wall grey, hand paint feathers on the wall, create a budget friendly wall design with fabrics, and figure out how to not spend $400 on Wendy’s baby bedding! Why is baby bedding more expensive than redecorating my entire master bedroom!?

Husband and I spent a day painting the wall grey and hand painting the feathers onto the wall. Then we went to Hobby Lobby and picked out some colorful fabrics we liked and multiple embroidery hoops (aka: cheap wooden sewing circles), then some plain wooden letters. We cut the fabrics to the size of the hoops, painted the wooden letters, used thumb tacks to put them up and we were done! Then we found a $100 quilt from Cost Plus World Market that we loved the pattern of (and is thin so the material breathes easily for the bumper) and decided to use that for the baby bedding! I can barely sew a button on pants so I called in reinforcements, my mom. She cut the quilt up and made the bumper, a quilt, AND burp cloths!! Plus there is still a ton of material left over! I couldn’t be happier with it. 


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