Monday, January 30, 2012

Jumping off bridges

Well technically I only jumped off one bridge, and was slung back up by a bungee cord. That’s right! I went bungee jumping this weekend and it was AMAZING! My adventurous sis-in-law Leah brought up the idea to go bungee jumping a few weeks ago and of course I jumped at the opportunity. Husband and I, my two sisters-in-law, Leah and Natalee, and my brother-in-law, Dan all went, but only Leah and I bungee’d. To get to the Bridge to Know Where you have to hike 5 miles, which means we hiked 10 miles that day! To say that my feet were ready to fall off is an understatement. Also, at about 6 places on the hike you have to cross a small river. Me, being the graceful person I am of course slipped into the icy water at one point and smacked my hip on a jagged rock. I think I taught that rock a lesson when I landed on it though. It will definitely think twice before trying to trip me again.

As a first time bungee jumper you get two options. Either to jump forward where you look down the whole time, or jump backwards where you aren’t really looking at the ground. I chose to jump backwards because it seemed easier.  As I was waiting my turn to jump, I turned to Phil and said, “If I don’t make it, know I love you.” Phil was not amused. He was much more nervous than me! It was sweet of him, and fun to tease him a little before I jumped. When my turn arrived, they strapped me into my harness, let me practice jumping backwards, then I climbed over the ledge to the bungee platform. Then the instructor guy said, “alright, 5,4,3,2,1!” And I jumped, screaming my head off the whole time! Well laughing and screaming, and laughing some more. It was such a fun experience I would absolutely do it again.

I'm having trouble adding the video, so check it out here on my facebook.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Daniel Fast

Husband and I have been eating super healthy lately. Our meals consist of fruit, veggies, whole wheat, and water. No meat, dairy products, sugar, or anything to drink besides water. Basically we are eating like rabbits. Or vegans. Man, I have a lot respect for the vegans out there, this is a hard diet to maintain. I truly never realized how many products have dairy or meat, or products made with animals help! Did I mention we only drink water? So I've definitely missed a dear friend of mine... coffee. I think husband has missed coffee too because without it I tend to get cranky. 

The reason we are eating so much healthier than we normally do is because we are doing the Daniel Fast. It’s what Daniel from the bible ate for a period of time. To read more about it click here. Anyways,  since we are eating so healthy it has really stretched my cooking abilities and I’m loving it! Here is what our meals pretty much look like…

Whole wheat tortillas, with peanut butter and fruit. Oh so delicious!
A bowl of fruit and we've made our own whole wheat chips too. 
Snack time
Almonds. Mmmm good.
Every type of veggie you can imagine.

Yea, we haven't exactly been eating dessert. Dessert and coffee has definitely been the hardest thing about this!

Do you have any fabulous recipes that you'd like to share? Have you ever done this fast before? I'd love to know!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Peanut Butter Wednesday

This morning I made myself a delicious peanut butter sandwich which of course I warmed up before rushing off to work. While I was devouring my breakfast and trying to drive at the same time, that sneaky peanut butter jumped out of my sandwich and landed on my sweater and skirt! Then there was an awkward moment between me and the driver in the car next to me, when he caught me eating the peanut butter off my sleeve. What?! I’m still hungry and that peanut butter is still good! Plus, I may have forgotten a napkin. 
from Pinterest

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anniversary party for 2

I have officially been married a year and a few days now! Yippee! Our 1 year anniversary was on Sunday, but since we had work Monday we decided to celebrate on Saturday night. Phil planned the night and it was perfect. First, he bought me flowers! Always a good start, don’t you agree? Then we walked to a quirky wine bar around the corner from our house. We’ve never been to this place before and it was eclectic. The decorator decided she would start with a pirate theme, and throw in “homey” signs. You know, the ones that are often made of wood and say things like, home is where the heart is. Then apparently she also likes the shipping industry because there were pictures of freight ships sporadically on the walls. Sure lady, go with your gut on this one. We had a glass of wine then walked to a fancy Italian restaurant for dinner.

We were greeted by the Italian owner who remembered Phil’s first and last name when we arrived! I think he memorizes the reservation names so he can greet every customer. Brilliant I tell you, because we felt so welcomed from the moment we walked in. I ordered Lobster Tortellini….. it was heavenly. Phil ordered a steak. Oh so good. Then my lovely mother-in-law called ahead and ordered a bottle of champagne for us. It was so sweet of her, and delicious I might add.

After dinner we walked to a French crepe restaurant for a dessert crepe. It was fantastic and it felt like we were sitting in a cafĂ© in France. The waiters French accent was so thick that every time he asked me a question I would give Phil the “ummmm you’re going to have to handle this one too babe” look. And he did thankfully. I know this is our first anniversary celebration, but it was the best anniversary celebration yet! I can’t wait for next year’s!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Almost 1 year

Alright people, my 1 year anniversary is on Sunday and I have not figured out what I'm going to wear yet! We are actually going to celebrate on Saturday night and we are going out to a "nice" dinner. Here are some looks I've been loving.... do you have any suggestions? Share away!
This skirt is oh so cute

I think I'd wear this without the tights.... cause it's an anniversary! Bare legs are a must!

Classic pretty

This whole outfit I love

If I knew where to buy this skirt I would have already!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Last night I had dinner with my cousin Amber, more affectionately known as “Doodie.” It’s a long story, but for years I’ve called her that and when I yell “Ahhhh Doodie!!!” in public people shoot worried and grossed out glances my way. Thank you stranger for handing me some napkins BUT I yell most of the time, and there is no poo to be cleaned up over here.

Doodie and I went to Chipotle last night for dinner, which happens to be a tradition of ours. Actually anything involving Mexican food and usually a margarita is our tradition. However, she has a sesame in the oven right now, so we avoided the alcoholic beverages. That’s right a sesame. Her itty bitty, oh so loved baby is that big right now so of course we would call it Sesame all night long! Sesame is going to be spoiled, overwhelmed and completely loved by me. I’m going to try to stop calling the baby Sesame by the time it’s born but that little nickname might be stuck for life. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This weekend was packed full of birthday celebrations. One of my best friend’s babies turned 1year old! We celebrated the day with them and watched little Blake utterly enjoy eating his birthday cake. Don’t you wish that you could eat cake like a 1 year old sometimes? Shoving handfuls of frosting in your mouth, smearing it all over your face and everyone around cheers you on because you are too dang cute! Who are we kidding, I still get frosting all over my face, in my hair, and on whatever outfit I tried to look cute in. Husband cheers me on when I miraculously don’t get food in my hair though. So there’s that.

My besty Aimee had a birthday this weekend too. We ate at Bucca De Peppos and oh-my-goodness there was an enormous amount of food! We ate some of that yummy food, caught up on missed memories, and laughed til our stomachs ached (which is a great abs workout, by the way). Then Phil and I took home everyone’s leftovers (it’s true) so we have enough food to last us a year. Here are a few pictures from our wonderful weekend.

Friday, January 13, 2012

No TV night

Remember this post? Well I’m doing okay at keeping some of my New Year’s Resolutions. Last night Phil and I didn’t turn the TV on at all. Now we don’t watch an excessive amount of TV anyways, but it’s usually on while I’m making dinner or cleaning up the house. It’s kind of quiet without it on but I think I like it. I could have turned some music on but I didn’t think of that until right now. I’m great at coming up will brilliant ideas a day too late.

Phil and I decided that we’d go for a run last night then make dinner. We were missing a few ingredients for dinner so we decided to run to the grocery store and back. Does it count if you are running to get food? I think I ran faster knowing I’d get a food prize at the end of it. Also, we ran with a bag full of groceries on our way home so naturally I complained the whole time. “Ahhh this bag is so heavy….(gasping air because I’m out of shape)…. This bag weights like 18 lbs! I feel like I’m running with a baby…. This grocery baby is heavy….” Oh the things husband has to put up with.

Happy Friday! Any weekend plans?? I have several things to do this weekend, but I’ll fill you in on them next week. I’m sure the suspense is killing you, right?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Killing time

Phil and I went to the movies the other night and we arrived about an hour before it started. I’m not sure why we always show up at things early. I guess we are too excited about leaving the house. Or we want to get the best seats in the theater (aka- the row right behind the handicap row. You know, the one where you can put your feet up on the bar. No one is sitting in front of you normally, so people don’t get mad at you when you rest your feet right above their head.) Or maybe we just love finding things to do until the movie starts.  This time we spent about 30 mins in the arcade. We haven’t done this in a while and I felt like I was in Jr. High again. Flirting with Phil during air-hockey, pretending that I was good at the basketball shooting game, and of course letting husband win most of the games. That’s right, letting him win. What!? I could have won if I really wanted to!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back in action

Hey blogging world! Sorry I’ve been slacking on my blog but husband and I were away attending two funerals this weekend/Monday and Tuesday. I’m back now and ready to get the party started! When I say party, I mean sitting at my laptop, making myself laugh, as I drink too much coffee and share with you life through my eyes. That sounded creepy. Oh well!

Last Friday I spent the evening with this little handsome. He might be the happiest almost 1 year old in the world. Love him!

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's finally Friday!

This is how I feel on Friday's. Okay most Monday's too. Anyone with me?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Old couple

Phil and I have been married almost a year and we have already turned into an old couple. In October, husband and I thought it would be fun to do a puzzle by Thanksgiving. You know you've become painfully boring when you’re newlyweds and decide that a puzzle would be a blast! Well apparently puzzles take a lot of time to finish. Especially if the entire picture is about 3 different shades of brown. I guess I’m a little like Rainman, because I could honestly sit and work on a puzzle for a few hours and not notice the time has gone by. Phil is more normal than I am and could work on it for about 10 mins before becoming bored. Or before complaining that he was starting to go cross-eyed from staring at the pieces too long. Since I didn't want to work on the puzzle without Phil, it just sat there, collecting dust. Last week when I was as sick as a dog and tired of watching mindless TV, I decided to finish it! Needless to say, we probably won’t be doing another puzzle anytime soon. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hair boredom

My hair is boring me. I know this is a very trivial topic, but hey, sometimes a girl just needs to be trivial. All I do currently is straighten it so it doesn’t frizz out of control and look like Whoopi Goldberg’s hair in Sister Act. I found this hair style on Pinterest and loved it! I think I’m going to try it tomorrow because the lovely lady who created it has a tutorial on her blog. Score!
Her tutorial's here

Do you have any brilliant suggestions on how to do shorter hair? Share them please!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

It’s January 3rd and I’m late on putting my New Year's resolutions up. That could be taken as a bad sign. I’m just going to pretend that it took me a few more days of deep thought to come up with my list. Here it goes!

In no particular order…
  1. Work out 3 times a week. Legitimate workouts. Not running from my car to the office in the morning because I’m about to be late. Those don’t count anymore!
  2. Become a better cook. Healthy, healthy, healthy is my moto for 2012.
  3. Paint more. I truly love to paint paintings and I need to make some time for that.
  4.  Write letters to people. Oh how I love when I get something in the mail that’s not a bill! My sister is great at writing letters. I’m trying to be more like her this year too.
  5.  Leave the TV off one night a week. This is actually Phil’s BUT I’m stealing it. Because that’s how our marriage works. He comes up with the brilliant ideas and I play them off like they are my own! It works nicely for us.
  6. Take more pictures. Always a good idea I think.
  7.  Learn to play my guitar better. I rock about 6 chords. The rest I just skip.
  8. Blog more! I have absolutely loved blogging over the past few months and appreciate everyone who follows along with me. You make my heart smile.
  9. Drink less coffee. Wait, Drink more coffee. Drink coffee in normal amounts.
  10. Soak in the specials moments. They happen daily and usually involve Phil being incredibly wonderful. Sometimes I forget to just take a minute and truly enjoy them.

This pic was from last year's New Years Eve, but this year I was sick and looked ugly. So here is this pic instead!


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