Friday, January 27, 2012

The Daniel Fast

Husband and I have been eating super healthy lately. Our meals consist of fruit, veggies, whole wheat, and water. No meat, dairy products, sugar, or anything to drink besides water. Basically we are eating like rabbits. Or vegans. Man, I have a lot respect for the vegans out there, this is a hard diet to maintain. I truly never realized how many products have dairy or meat, or products made with animals help! Did I mention we only drink water? So I've definitely missed a dear friend of mine... coffee. I think husband has missed coffee too because without it I tend to get cranky. 

The reason we are eating so much healthier than we normally do is because we are doing the Daniel Fast. It’s what Daniel from the bible ate for a period of time. To read more about it click here. Anyways,  since we are eating so healthy it has really stretched my cooking abilities and I’m loving it! Here is what our meals pretty much look like…

Whole wheat tortillas, with peanut butter and fruit. Oh so delicious!
A bowl of fruit and we've made our own whole wheat chips too. 
Snack time
Almonds. Mmmm good.
Every type of veggie you can imagine.

Yea, we haven't exactly been eating dessert. Dessert and coffee has definitely been the hardest thing about this!

Do you have any fabulous recipes that you'd like to share? Have you ever done this fast before? I'd love to know!


Casey said...

That sounds awesome!! I haven't ever done a fast like that, just this 40hr thing when I was younger, and then daily ones here and there (which are awesome!) but this is really cool. How inspiring, friend!

PS breakfast looks amazing!
PPS dinner looks not amazing..but admirable :)

my mini bag said...

I have never done a fast but it sounds amazing. I hear a lot of good things about it.

All of the food look so healthy and amazing.

Anja said...

oh my gog! This looks sooo delicious :) I'm realy getting hungry now haha... Love your blog. Would you like to follow each other? :)

Love, Anja


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