Monday, January 30, 2012

Jumping off bridges

Well technically I only jumped off one bridge, and was slung back up by a bungee cord. That’s right! I went bungee jumping this weekend and it was AMAZING! My adventurous sis-in-law Leah brought up the idea to go bungee jumping a few weeks ago and of course I jumped at the opportunity. Husband and I, my two sisters-in-law, Leah and Natalee, and my brother-in-law, Dan all went, but only Leah and I bungee’d. To get to the Bridge to Know Where you have to hike 5 miles, which means we hiked 10 miles that day! To say that my feet were ready to fall off is an understatement. Also, at about 6 places on the hike you have to cross a small river. Me, being the graceful person I am of course slipped into the icy water at one point and smacked my hip on a jagged rock. I think I taught that rock a lesson when I landed on it though. It will definitely think twice before trying to trip me again.

As a first time bungee jumper you get two options. Either to jump forward where you look down the whole time, or jump backwards where you aren’t really looking at the ground. I chose to jump backwards because it seemed easier.  As I was waiting my turn to jump, I turned to Phil and said, “If I don’t make it, know I love you.” Phil was not amused. He was much more nervous than me! It was sweet of him, and fun to tease him a little before I jumped. When my turn arrived, they strapped me into my harness, let me practice jumping backwards, then I climbed over the ledge to the bungee platform. Then the instructor guy said, “alright, 5,4,3,2,1!” And I jumped, screaming my head off the whole time! Well laughing and screaming, and laughing some more. It was such a fun experience I would absolutely do it again.

I'm having trouble adding the video, so check it out here on my facebook.


Ly said...

OMG you guys are so brave!! I've always wanted to do something like that but I'm slightly afraid of heights lol.

oomph. said...

omg, that is a great picture of you jumping! i give you credit...i would love to do it, but i'm chicken!


Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

oh WOW laura! hahaha You are good girl. I would've jump backwards too. What am I saying? I would've been a scaredy cat. LOL You looked great! I love that black and green. You are such the daredevil. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Following you now. :D I'm Kim!

★ JASMINE ★ said...

that looks like such an amazing fun time! would love to do that someday!

newest follower ♥ -- would love it if you could visit me and follow back sometime ?

hugs, xo

KY said...

Thank you so much for your comment! Jumping off the bridges... I could never do that, too scary lol I love your blog! so fun to read! I did follow your blog as well and thanks for being a new follower! Thanks again
KY~ JAP fashionista☆

Anonymous said...

I am super jealous...this looks like a BLAST! Love your blog...tons of fun to read through and you've got some great ideas and things to say, lady :) Following you!

<3 Cambria


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