Tuesday, April 15, 2014


If anyone has ever been a stay-at-home parent you know how necessary it is to have a grown up conversation at some point during the day. Not that I don’t fully enjoy talking to Owen all day, and hearing him say “da-da” back. Trust me, hearing my little handsome boy baby-babble melts my heart every time. Thankfully, I have a really, REALLY good friend, Katie, who has a baby just about Owen’s age. Fiona might be the prettiest little girl baby on the planet too. We get together as often as we can and just sip coffee, talk, and adore our littles playing with each other. This girl keeps me sane.

Now that our littles are starting to interact a bit more I’m more than entertained. Owen usually likes to grab at Fiona’s face, hands, or whatever he can reach and talk loudly at her. Fiona likes to quickly grab whatever toy might be between them and just grin at Owen. They always smile at each other and then are quickly distracted by whatever is happening around them. Which being easily distracted is a little bit like Katie and I. Sleep deprivation has that affect on mamas. Am I right?!

Here is a few different playdates with Fiona over the past few months.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter in the Park

This weekend Owen experienced his first time on a park swing, and his first Easter Egg Hunt! As you will be able to tell by the pictures, he was very unsure about the swing set. His face read, “Not impressed parents.” I’m sure those swings will win him over eventually. 

The Easter Egg Hunt was hosted by our church and it was a blast! They had the babies go first, so that they didn’t get trampled by the older kids. Genius if you ask me. I might have had to tackle a kid if they accidentally stepped on Owen. Maternal instincts can be a tad bit strong, and slightly ghetto. Anyways, Phil took Owen on the Easter Egg Hunt and Owen chose the perfect blue egg. One egg was plenty for my little guy. He spent the rest of the event trying to eat the egg whole. He meaning Owen, not Phil incase you were confused. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Driving Distractions

Now I am not innocent from casually glancing down at my phone while driving. However, I’m usually at a red light when I do so. Now that I have a sweet baby in the car I am a lot more safety conscience. 

Husband and I witnessed a new kind of distracted while on the freeway the other day. A guy was in an older car, that to me appeared to be manual transmission, which as I can recall takes two hands and feet to drive. This guy may have been either extremely talented or not the brightest crayon in the box because he was talking on his phone with one hand… and smoking a cigarette with the other hand… now I’m no mathematician but when 2 out of 2 hands are off the wheel some thing doesn't exactly add up. Husband and I laughed about it, of course, but we also kept a very close eye on that car. Safety first people. Safety first.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

First 30th Birthday Celebration

That's right, I had more than one birthday celebration. Apparently when you turn 30 you get to have multiple birthday celebrations. I may or may not have planned multiple parties for myself, so I could eat unscrupulous amounts of cake and not be judged. Is that bad? I didn't think so.

Aren't birthdays more fun when your whole family is there? My brother and sis in law live about 6 hours from us, so we don't always get to have them with us during birthday celebrations. However, they were here to celebrate my 30th! My family celebrations are generally spent drinking coffee, talking, laughing, eating, laughing some more, drinking more coffee, and eating cake. It's a brilliant combo if you ask me.


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