Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Driving Distractions

Now I am not innocent from casually glancing down at my phone while driving. However, I’m usually at a red light when I do so. Now that I have a sweet baby in the car I am a lot more safety conscience. 

Husband and I witnessed a new kind of distracted while on the freeway the other day. A guy was in an older car, that to me appeared to be manual transmission, which as I can recall takes two hands and feet to drive. This guy may have been either extremely talented or not the brightest crayon in the box because he was talking on his phone with one hand… and smoking a cigarette with the other hand… now I’m no mathematician but when 2 out of 2 hands are off the wheel some thing doesn't exactly add up. Husband and I laughed about it, of course, but we also kept a very close eye on that car. Safety first people. Safety first.

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