Monday, October 13, 2014

Owen turns 1!

This weekend we celebrated Owen’s 1st birthday! His party was airplane themed so, of course, I stole most of the party decor ideas from pinterest. Who thinks of their own ideas anymore!? #TooMuchEffort. Owen slept for the first half of his party because he wanted to make a grand entrance. I thought it was a brilliant idea. Then he showed off his flight suit and tore right into his cake. Well, at first he was confused at why he had a giant thing on his highchair since he usually is given bite sized pieces. When he realized it was a tower of sugary goodness he did not hesitate to dig right in. We oo’d and awe’d, took a million pictures, then devoured the dessert table. I’d say Owen had a blast and is so thankful to everyone who came to celebrate. 

The smash cake, cupcakes, and cake pops were made by the amazing I Hart Cupcakes (!


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