Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back in action

Hey blogging world! Sorry I’ve been slacking on my blog but husband and I were away attending two funerals this weekend/Monday and Tuesday. I’m back now and ready to get the party started! When I say party, I mean sitting at my laptop, making myself laugh, as I drink too much coffee and share with you life through my eyes. That sounded creepy. Oh well!

Last Friday I spent the evening with this little handsome. He might be the happiest almost 1 year old in the world. Love him!


Andrea said...

Ohhh sad about the funerals :( Hope you're ok?

But glad you're back! I missed you! :)


Laura Unrefined said...

You're so sweet Andrea. :) Thanks I'm glad to be back!

Casey Martinez said...

cute picture friend and I have to say that I think your hip is screaming to have your own baby sitting on it:). hehhee

Carolyn said...

Hey Laura, Maybe you should blog about the funerals you attended. Although an unpleasant subject, it's part of life. Seems fair for a 92 yr old uncle, but not for a 21 yr old cousin. I'm still trying to make sense of it!


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