Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anniversary party for 2

I have officially been married a year and a few days now! Yippee! Our 1 year anniversary was on Sunday, but since we had work Monday we decided to celebrate on Saturday night. Phil planned the night and it was perfect. First, he bought me flowers! Always a good start, don’t you agree? Then we walked to a quirky wine bar around the corner from our house. We’ve never been to this place before and it was eclectic. The decorator decided she would start with a pirate theme, and throw in “homey” signs. You know, the ones that are often made of wood and say things like, home is where the heart is. Then apparently she also likes the shipping industry because there were pictures of freight ships sporadically on the walls. Sure lady, go with your gut on this one. We had a glass of wine then walked to a fancy Italian restaurant for dinner.

We were greeted by the Italian owner who remembered Phil’s first and last name when we arrived! I think he memorizes the reservation names so he can greet every customer. Brilliant I tell you, because we felt so welcomed from the moment we walked in. I ordered Lobster Tortellini….. it was heavenly. Phil ordered a steak. Oh so good. Then my lovely mother-in-law called ahead and ordered a bottle of champagne for us. It was so sweet of her, and delicious I might add.

After dinner we walked to a French crepe restaurant for a dessert crepe. It was fantastic and it felt like we were sitting in a cafĂ© in France. The waiters French accent was so thick that every time he asked me a question I would give Phil the “ummmm you’re going to have to handle this one too babe” look. And he did thankfully. I know this is our first anniversary celebration, but it was the best anniversary celebration yet! I can’t wait for next year’s!


Casey Martinez said...

happy anniversary to both of you and I love the way you celebrated it and made it special! I am a huge fan of celebrating marriage in a big way because it is an awesome thing!

Rose said...

congratulation :)... and i love your Blog too

You have a new follower :)

check out my new Blog and follow me too if you like..:)



Bravoe Runway said...

Happy anniversary! What a lovely dinner, I love lobster tortelini and your mother in law is so nice to order that champagne! Thank you so much for stopping by, I'm excited to read your next post, I'm following!

Feenkuss said...

congratulation :)
You both look really great :)
Wish you all the best for the future.

Lovely greetz from germany.


two birds said...

awww...happy anniversary! that sounds like the perfect night! and you two look so happy together!

Andrea said...

Aww Happy Anniversary!! It sounds like the best one ever :) You two are adorable. xoxo


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