Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Last night I had dinner with my cousin Amber, more affectionately known as “Doodie.” It’s a long story, but for years I’ve called her that and when I yell “Ahhhh Doodie!!!” in public people shoot worried and grossed out glances my way. Thank you stranger for handing me some napkins BUT I yell most of the time, and there is no poo to be cleaned up over here.

Doodie and I went to Chipotle last night for dinner, which happens to be a tradition of ours. Actually anything involving Mexican food and usually a margarita is our tradition. However, she has a sesame in the oven right now, so we avoided the alcoholic beverages. That’s right a sesame. Her itty bitty, oh so loved baby is that big right now so of course we would call it Sesame all night long! Sesame is going to be spoiled, overwhelmed and completely loved by me. I’m going to try to stop calling the baby Sesame by the time it’s born but that little nickname might be stuck for life. 


Casey said...'re SO CUTE!

Megan said...

You girls are cute! Mexican food and margaritas is usually how I spend time with my best friend as well :)


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