Wednesday, September 23, 2015

When husbands away!

Husband had to go on a work trip last week which is something I dread every time it happens. Thankfully this was a short 3.5 day trip as opposed to his 12 day trips! I tear up just thinking about the 12 days trips. Husband being gone means several times a year I revert back to my childish ways like becoming afraid of the little noises in my house! Now, mind you, before I got married I lived alone and loved it. Phil is just so strong and manly that I never worry about someone breaking into our house until he's gone. Why is it that when your husband goes away there are more spiders to kill, gun shots heard (aka: fireworks, but hello, they do sound like gun shots!) and kid meltdowns than normal!?!

As much as I hate it when Phil is gone I know someone has to work to put coffee on the table, I mean food. Now usually I spend the time either at my house or I load up the car and head to my parents. This time I changed it up. My bestie Katie just happened to be home alone with her two kiddos this weekend too so I loaded up the car and had a sleep over at her casa. Our kids are almost the same ages so they played beautifully with each other and Katie and I spent the day catching up and sipping coffee. You know you can only get a sip in at a time when you have an almost 2 year old and a 6 week old! Memories were definitely made with this crazy bunch.

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