Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Laugh Everyday

Yesterday I was texting while in stopped traffic. I know, I know I’m not supposed to do that, but I was literally stopped on the freeway so the chances of me slamming into the back of someone were slim to none. Slim because, I’m still me. Anyways, I was resting my hands on my steering wheel and texting when I heard HONK! It made me jump and scream. I looked around for the discourteous honker when I realized…. I rested my hands too hard on the wheel and honked at myself. In stopped traffic. People were staring. I never cease to amaze myself.
I came across this yesterday from and I loved it. I like to laugh. I like to make people laugh and I like people to make me laugh. So laugh today!

1 comment:

Rachel Key said...

haha! time to get you a "Honk at yourself if you love Jesus sign." you crack me up! mom


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