Monday, October 17, 2011


Holy moley this trip was a blast! Phil and I did so many things and I’m about to overload you with pics, so beware. By the way, the locals pronounce New Orleans as N’awlins, and I like to fit in so I quickly changed my pronunciation. N’awlins it is!
Friday was our touring day which included a swamp tour with alligators, Bourbon Street, a jazz festival and a lot (A LOT) of walking and sightseeing. The swamp tour guide thought he was funny (which of course he was) and decided to drop a fake spider, the size of a softball, on my head in the middle of the tour! I convulsed andjumped so high that I practically fell into the swamp with all the alligators! Okay that’s a lie. I did jump really high and freaked out though. Husband thought it was the funniest thing he ever saw. Oh yea and that alligator I'm holding in the above pic. It's real. A real baby alligator. I held a REAL baby alligator!!

When you step onto Bourbon Street you are greeted by some phenomenal street musicians, and some ladies that could really shake their stuff. Parts of that street I was definitely not a fan of though. Like the naked ladies part. Oh no you didn’t just flaunt half naked ladies in front of my husband!! We walked Bourbon St. for a little while then crossed over to Royal St. which was much more our taste. No nakedness over there.

The jazz music festival was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip. Music, street vendors, and hundreds of people enjoying the evening together, it was good stuff. Plus those musicians make it look like playing their instruments is the easiest thing in the world! Jealous, party of one!

Saturday we walked about 3 miles to a restaurant we heard was to die for. When we got there all sweaty and gross we were told there was a dress code. Fail. Apparently shorts, sandals, heavy breathing, and sweaty faces are not allowed in that joint. After that we rode the trolly (MUCH better!), saw a cemetery, walked though an antique store, did some shopping, and ate at the famous Café Du Monde.


Sunday was definitely a more relaxed day. We woke up late, ate at a delicious restaurant (that I can’t remember the name of! Shame on me, I know.), and walked the Riverwalk. Phil is staying in N'awlins for another week because of work, so he got me a taxi and sent me on home. You know how in movies when they say goodbye and get into a taxi it seems all romantic and moving? Surprisingly, that’s not at all how it is! Saying goodbye to Phil is just no fun at all. Traveling with husband is waaaay more fun than traveling alone. However, I’m more than thankful for my hardworking hubs and his incredible job, because of him working so hard we were able to take this vacation!

Oh yea and this was out gorgeous hotel room view!

Thank you to everyone that sent me suggestions and tips about New Orleans!


Casey said...

You guys! How fun! Drooling for beignets...this looks like such an awesome trip, love little trips away

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! Your trip looked amazing! I love your short hair! Umm... beignets and coffeeeeee!!!!


Dani Parker said...

Yeah Bourbon Street is interesting lol!!! And Cafe Du Monde is really good!! It looks like you guys had an amazing day!!!

sympatico said...

awesome trip!

Trish said...

Naked ladies, alligators, great food and the love of your life= Awesome time! (Ok naked ladies not so awesome but very funny) LOL


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