Friday, October 28, 2011

Windex cures all

Lately I’ve noticed that I’m like the father on the movie My Big Fat Greek wedding. I’m not saying I’m feeling like a middle aged, hairy, Greek man, because that would just be uncomfortable. I’m saying that I think the cure for many, many things is Windex! Phil asked me the other day what he should use to clean a few things and every time my answer was Windex! It was at that moment I realized Gus Portokalos from the movie is undeniably right, any ailment from psoriasis to poison ivy could be cured with Windex.
Oh yea, and it’s Friday! Who else has been looking forward to this day all week?! Weewww hewww!! Anyone have plans for the weekend? I'd love to hear what you have on the agenda!

1 comment:

Trish said...

We are going to the San Diego Zoo and my bestie Aprill just called and said her whole family is coming to stay for the weekend. Yay!!!!!! So excited!!!


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