Monday, November 21, 2011

Medieval times

This weekend Phil and I helped celebrate his aunt’s birthday by going to Medieval Times! I think it is amazing that his aunt wanted to go there for her 70th birthday! She is definitely young at heart. We wore the Red Knights crowns all night, which look horrible on everyone, besides my handsome husband of course. That guy can make anything look good. Anyways, we ate our food with bare hands, so inevitably we smelled like chicken for the rest of the day. I wonder if people back then always smelled like chicken. Hmmm interesting.  Sadly, our knight was the loser of the joust. He lost first. We cheered him on anyways though! E for effort Red Knight! 
The most amusing part of the evening was when I had to climb over my seat to find the restroom. Oh my goodness, I always seem to make a spectacle of myself. The seats are stadium seating, with chairs that fold up and down so unless you climb over your chair you can’t go to the restroom during the show. As you are probably aware, I’m kinda short. When I tried to climb over the seat, my leg didn’t quite reach where it was supposed to.  Then I stepped on the folding part of the chair, folded my leg and ankle in it, AND slipped! Thankfully husband was there to catch, laugh at and help me to not fall on everyone’s food. This graceful charade bruised nothing but my ankle, and ego a little. Maybe next year we can go somewhere where the bathrooms are slightly more accessible. Overall we had a great time celebrating his Aunts birthday!

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Casey said...

hehehehe, you are the best!!!


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