Friday, November 11, 2011

Phone dependent

Yesterday I left my phone at home when I went to work. This made my day feel oddly incomplete. Like I was missing my arm. Or missing a shoe. Or missing a large piece of my brain. I honestly didn’t really realize how much I use my phone during the day! Here are a few things I realized I cannot do without my phone.
1.       Know the time. I did have a shinny bracelet on my wrist that has some numbers, 2 hands, and I’m pretty sure it was ticking all day long, but for some reason I still didn’t have the time. Apparently my wrist watch is just for looks, and useful for nothing but prettiness.
2.       Communicate with husband all day long. I’m not sure how you are, but Phil and I text each other throughout the day and during our lunch breaks. Not texting makes me miss him! Sappy I know. But it’s true.
3.       Remember important phone numbers. I know my parent’s old phone number, and my best friend from high schools parents’ phone number. That’s it. If an emergency happened yesterday my friends parents would be getting a phone call! Lucky them!
4.       Recollect what I’m doing this weekend. Yep, my phone calendar rules my life.
5.       Take pictures of myself, or of funny things that happen throughout the day. Don’t judge. You know you do it too.

       Has this ever happened to you??? Share your phone dependent experience!


Katie Sottile said...

I feel ya Laura! I'm sure my parents would love to get a phone call from you any ol day :) hahahaha. I love that you have their number memorized. I have your number memorized and Seans....and my parents- thats it. Also my gold watch that i'm wearing, I'm sure tells the time as well, but I dont even bother with it- THATS WHAT PHONES ARE FOR! Duh. Love this blog!

Casey said...

HA! Awesome, I totally forgot my phone on Tuesday. Luckily James and I gchat all day and I emailed everybody I needed to call right away. You just feel nekked!!!


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