Friday, February 17, 2012

Cruising tips

Next week I’ll be MIA on my blog. The reason for that is I’ll be on a cruise! Husband and I, along with 5 of our dearest friends will be cruising to Catalina, and Ensenada, Mexico for 5 whole days! Pretty much all week I’ve been day-dreaming about this trip. When I say day-dreaming I’m including work meetings that I should be paying attention in. “Laura, can you fill us in on the advertisement’s for next month?..... Ummm Laura?....Are you okay?” Me, “Oh yes, the weather is going to be beautiful!... I mean…..” Caught!

Since I can’t think of anything else, I’ve decided to give you a few cruising tips. This will be my 4th cruise so obviously I’m no expert, but hey I’ll give it a shot!

    1. Check the weather at all your stops before planning your outfits. Usually cruises have more than one stop, so one place could be sunny and the next could be raining. For me if it is going to be sunny at one place and pouring at the next, I just pack my whole wardrobe.
    2.Check-in online and fill out your Cruise Charge Account. Unless you want to carry cash and your credit cards with you everywhere you go on the ship, fill out the charge account. If you plan to have a soda, beer, or some other non-water drink the charge account is handy. Also, if you want to shop on the ship, Charge it!
    3. Pack with rolling luggage. When you embark and disembark you need to wait in several lines. Baggage check line, passport check station, check-in line, etc. It kinda feels like you are at Disneyland but there is no cheery music being played and no one passing out churros.
    4. Make 2 copies of your passports before leaving. Keep one copy with you when you leave the ship. It’s better to leave your actual passport in the safe in your rooms. Then leave the second copy at home, in case your passport gets stolen and you lose your other copy.
    5. Tag your bags. Make sure each of your bags has your name, address, phone number, and cabin # on it. You can print your luggage tags online after you check-in. It’s worth it! You didn’t just spend 4 hours picking out our outfits for a 5 day cruise, to have someone 3 sizes larger than you try on all your clothes before reporting the luggage to the crew members. 
Have you been on a cruise? What are your tips???

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Bobby Key said...

Have an awesome time!

Tip - bring water bottles they'll cost your first born child if you purchase them upon the ship.

Tip - On the Lobster and Prime Rib night say "yes!" to both.


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