Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lunch break at 11am

Yesterday I had a surprise lunch date. My sis and niece Chloe were in my area and decided to have coffee with me! Now, normally I take my lunch break around 1:00pm but yesterday I took it at 11am. My cube-mates all looked at me with surprise. I think they were staring at me that way because I had just finished my breakfast around 10:30am. Hungry again Laura? Is what those stares meant. What... a girl needs to work hard to keep this girlish figure!? And that means eating on the hour and and on the half. I didn't indulge the fact that I was having coffee with my sis and Chloe because I need to keep my co-workers on their toes, and always guessing. Why, you ask? Who knows, but I have to do something to make the day interesting. I sell toner for 8 hours a day people.... TONER!


Kaitlyn said...

Awwwwww! What a sweet picture! What an awesome lunch break!

In our sea of love

Kendra said...

Adorable! And it's always great to take a break from work to be with family.


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