Friday, October 12, 2012

Are you here to stay Fall?

 It’s official! Fall is here! Now you may be thinking, “Well technically it has been fall for a few weeks, where have you been Laura!?!” Nope. In my book if it is 100 degrees, I have my air conditioner going full blast all day, it’s 10pm and I’m still sweating, it’s not Fall yet. The only reason I know that Fall is here for sure is because I found this on my cooled off patio. This pretty red, auburn and mustard yellow leaf. Then it rained yesterday! Oh the rain brings joy to my heart. Plus I don’t have to have the AC on all the time so it saves us a few bucks! Thank you Jesus for sending the rain! Keep it coming!


Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Hoorah for fall! Hope you get more fallish-ness soon ;)

oomph. said...

that's one thing i miss about not having the change of seasons here...would love to see the leaves turn color!

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