Friday, January 25, 2013

Windshield Wipers

Via Pinterest/Yokoyama
Who knew how necessary windshield wipers were!? Oh wait, you all did? Everyone besides me in the world apparently knew. I’ve been using the same wipers for about 10 years now and over the last decade they have become less and less… helpful. However since I live in sunny Southern California I don’t need them very often so I didn’t notice they were unwilling to preform their duties. 

There comes a point when wipers are pretty much useless and you need to hang your head outside of the car, while it is raining, in order to drive. Lesson learned.

1 comment:

casey ann said...

haha! i have the same issue :) so need to replace ours but haven't had to hang my head outside the window..i suppose that would seal the deal for me :)


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