Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Almost 30. Yikes!

Did anyone get a little freaked out when they turned 30? I would say I’m about 90% in awe of how much my life has changed over the past decade and 10% freaked out. Not logically freaked out, just not being able to say, “I’m in my 20’s” is odd to me. However, life has changed so much in my 20’s and just thinking about it all makes me smile. I’ve graduated college, made countless memories with some amazing besties, traveled to several countries, met the man of my dreams and got married, bought a house and had the sweetest baby boy a mama could ask for! Holy moly! Life is an adventure!

Now before I get too sentimental and start weeping all over my laptop (lingering prego hormones) I want to make some New Years resolutions. I’m usually a little late for the January resolutions so I figure my birthday is a good time to set them! Here we go…

  1. Take more pictures! Especially since I have the cutest babe rolling around my casa.
  2. Lose the remaining 6 lbs of baby weight. Stubborn little buggers.
  3. Don’t let the fact that my husband is 27 and I’m 30 (A completely different decade!) get to me too much.
  4. Blog more. Keep me accountable please!
  5. Become a better cook. Which basically means to cook more than my 15 revolving dishes.
  6. Read more.

How about you? Did you freak out a little when you turned 30? Or does the thought turning 30 bother you at all?

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