Tuesday, September 20, 2011

95% of the time, everytime

If anyone knows me, you know I love coffee. My coffee traveler cup might be my best friend. I’ve been drinking coffee for years. I drink it black because I love the different tastes of different blends. I drink at least 2 cups in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and sometimes 1 in the evening. Now, let me mention that I drink tons of water throughout the day too, so I’m not overly dehydrating my body to the point of death. Thanks for your concern though.
Now since people know that I love coffee, they assume they should always make me a cup if I come over. Generally this is a fantastic idea. I’d say 95% of the time I’m on board. Keep the coffee goodness coming, and don’t let me see the bottom of that coffee cup! There are those rare occurrences when I don’t want a cup though. I’ll go over to someone’s house and they have made a whole pot of coffee just for me. A whole pot! That’s about 10 cups of coffee! Then often no one else there wants any so I have to drink some just because it was made for me. *Sigh*
Coffee, I love you, but sometimes I need a little space. Sorry, I sometimes choose green tea over you. 


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't feel bad for the rare occassions that you don't down an entire pot of coffee. Remember- because of your addiction, the entire house smells yummy! They should thank you.


Dani Parker said...

I love the Anchorman Reference, it made this story that much better...I will always make you green tea over coffee, mainly bc I don't have a coffee maker, so don't worry!!!!


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