Friday, September 9, 2011


Phil and I are in Oregon visiting Grandma Sims and since we didn’t drive we needed to rent a car. Now it’s a good thing that I came along because…. Husband can’t rent a car without me. Why you ask? Because he is 24, and the legal car-renting-age is 25, which to me is amusing. You can get your driver’s license at 16, buy that much anticipated Lotto ticket at 18, and start a major gambling habit at 21, but can’t rent a motorized vehicle that you’ve been driving for years until you are 25! Just sayin’ it’s amusing.

Now I know what you’re thinking, if Phil is not of age to rent a car then there is NO WAY Laura is old enough! She looks so young and youthful. Well, thank you, thank you for your kind thoughts via blog-universe BUT it just so happens I’m ever so slightly older than him. How much older??? I know you will be shocked, but I’m 2 years older, okay I'm lying. I'm 2.5 years older! I’ll admit it, I’m a cougar.

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Dani Parker said...

Dude I love your dress, and that you wear that cardi a ton, bc they are both deadly :) That makes you the best looking Cougar I know, well you and my mom hehehe!!!!


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