Monday, September 12, 2011

The Good, Bad and Just Weird

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Phil and I went to Oregon to visit Grandma Sims and we had a blast! There were several things that were well… different in Oregon than in Long Beach. I’ve categorized them as the Good, Bad and Just Weird. Enjoy!
1.       You don’t have to pay for plastic bags at the grocery store! I almost put each item in a separate bag just because I could!
2.       People are polite while driving. Not us of course because we still had to represent the LBC!
3.       All yard services include blackberry bush maintenance. There were TONS and TONS of blackberry bushes filled with ripe blackberries. I wanted to stop every five minutes while driving and pick more blackberries. People started to look at me funny when I wandered into their backyards shoving handfuls of blackberries into my mouth.
4.       It’s illegal to pump your own gas! I felt like VIP! However, the lady that was helping us hated her job so it took us like 20 mins to get gas. Also, Phil and I stared at her the whole time because we were excited, so she may have just thought we were creepers.
1.       Jerky is a main aisle item at the grocery store. Husband was excited. Me, not so much.

2.       “Judy’s” was just an average store in Oregon. Offering home d├ęcor, stoves and sheet metal. Saves a trip to Home Depot!
3.       Every restaurant we went to was decorated with “Saw Art.” Husband now wants to redecorate. No bueno.
1.       A guy offered me the newspaper to read to which I politely declined. I told him I read the news online. He replied, “Oh you all are so futuristic, I like pictures while reading the news.” Hmmm?
2.       Stores sell an interesting variety of items and services…. yes, this was the same business.

3.       People leave their dogs in their cars (in 100 degree weather, with one window slightly cracked). If this happened in Long Beach someone would call the cops. FOR SURE!

Oh and I chopped my hair off this weekend. It’s shorter than I thought it was going to be, but husband likes it so it’s all good!



Anonymous said...

Peta, is that you?
Love the new hair cut!
So it sounds like you won't be moving to Oregon any time soon, whew!

Welcome home happy travelers :D

Anonymous said...

So many thoughts, most importantly- tres chic hairuct! Next, you normally have to PAY for plastic bags (LBC fail)!? Lastly, I'm so releived you represented LBC driving up there, I feel it's my duty here in Chico as well.


Trish said...

Love the new do:)


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