Friday, September 16, 2011

Flowers are a Girl's Bestfriend

I know the saying is “Diamonds are a Girl's Bestfriend”, but I’m not that fancy. The only diamond I own is the one Phil saved for months to buy, my lovely wedding ring! If I never own another diamond for the rest of my life I’m completely satisfied with this beauty. Flowers are much more my pace. For me, flowers from husband can turn a hard or stressful day (or week!) right around. They only ever last a week, probably because I'm like the Of Mice and Men character Lennie, so I touch all of them and hug them until their petals start to fall off. But during those few days that they are still alive, they make a room look so cheery. Everytime I walk past them I smile too! Phil surprised me with much needed flowers yesterday. I’m one lucky gal.

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