Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slow learner

I guess I should know this already, but apparently guys, whether they are age 7, or 24  would rather be called handsome, rugged, or manly, rather than cute, or adorable. Yesterday, husband put on his new shirt and I said, “Ooo you look cute!”
Phil replied, “Don’t you mean rugged and manly?”
Me, “Ummm yes?!”
Note to self, husband wants to be called rugged and manly. He did look pretty cute in that shirt though.
Looks like I might be a slow learner.


Noelle said...

I feel like I've witnessed this before... Hahaha!!!

Katie Sottile said...

Dude- i have this problem too. There is a disconnect between guys and girls with the word cute!!! For Sure!! Every time Sean sees an expensive car I call it cute and he explains that it is NOT cute- car's arent cute.....puppies and kittens are cute. Slow learner right along with ya my friend!


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