Thursday, September 1, 2011

Late Night Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping after bible study on Wednesday has become our routine lately. Some weeks Phil and I are just tired so we decide to adios grocery shopping….which means we are often out of our favorite foods. Not fun when you are craving chocolate covered Acai berries at 11pm! Don’t judge, they are delicious! Although, if we skip a week of grocery shopping, then the next week we need to buy twice as much. This means I get to watch Phil use his arm buffness to carry them up to our apartment. Let’s be honest, that’s my favorite part of grocery shopping!


Noelle said...

Haha, I can totally picture this: Walking from your parking spot, across Ocean, up the stairs, and finally into your apartment!

Dani Parker said...

Hahahahaha OMG did u make Phil carry all of these bags up, I could see that lol!!! That is a lot of groceries I feel like when you lived there alone there were never ever that many!!!! LOVE YOU!


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