Friday, September 2, 2011

Whoa, whoa, whoaaaaa!

Have you ever been in the passenger side of the car and the driver doesn’t see someone pulling out in front of you? Before those moments happen, I always think I will say something brilliant and absolutely poised to Phil. “Husband, a car is veering into our lane and might cause damage to our vehicle.” Umm, who am I kidding!?! Last night hubs and I were driving home and a car started to pull out in front of us. Instead of saying anything remotely helpful I yelled “Whoa, whoa whoaaaaaaa!!!!” Why did I yell, you ask? It’s hard to say.  Needless to say, we avoided collision with the car because of Phil’s cat-like reflexes. Whew, glad my whoa, whoa, whoaaaa helped save our lives! You’re welcome husband.
This picture was taken several weeks back, but I wear this outfit more often than I should. I’m not going to tell you how often. Okay, fine!!! Every other week….maybe every week. Maybe.
Have a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day weekend! Stay safe out there friends!

1 comment:

Noelle said...

Haha, way to keep cool under pressure!

Sidenote- That outfit is super hot...ttssss..ttssss...(that's my attempt at the Costa Rican cat call), hottie!


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