Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Live to Work

Meetings at my office are different than other offices. They often make me feel like everyone in the meeting (besides me of course) has taken crazy pills. Or maybe it was me that took crazy pills. Either way, I often disagree with the ideas presented.  A meeting I recently was in was a lecture by the CEO to the managers about how we are supposed to “Live to Work” and not “Work to Live.” Now, you may be thinking, “….hmmm, I thought the saying is Work to Live, not Live to Work.” And you would be right! Oddly enough, everyone in the meeting completely agreed with him. “Yes, we need to live to work!” Boss man then asked me to explain the difference between the two, which of course I was happy to oblige, hoping it would change his lecture drastically. No such luck! The lecture continued. Crazy pills I tell you.
Now, in case you weren’t aware of what I do, and you thought I was in the business of saving lives or de-worming orphans in Africa. Let me set the record straight. I work for a company that sells toner. Now ladies don’t get excited, not the girl face powder also called toner. We sell the toner that goes into your printer. Needless to say, during that meeting my facial expression was one of annoyance and confusion.  

If you were wondering, I have decided to not focus my life on toner.
Sorry boss man, I choose to work to live.

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Trish said...

Your not crazy just the corporate world:)


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