Monday, October 24, 2011

Ladies Night In

Do you have a friend that no matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen them last, you just pick up from where you left off? Well I have a group of them, and my life is all the more blessed because of them. Am I bragging about how utterly amazing my friends are? Yes!! And they are pretty too. Since husband was gone until Sunday night, I went and spent the weekend with some of my best friends. We laughed, ate the most delicious home make tortilla soup, drank hot chocolate (yes, hot chocolate, we are party animals!), and went in the Jacuzzi. Oh yea, and watched Aimee coach her 3-4 year old soccer team. Those little boys had very little idea what was going on but were having a blast running around. Completely entertaining. I think if I ever play soccer again I'll play like they do. Kicking the soccer ball in whatever goal is closest, running any direction they want, and getting distracted by their friends so they stop and have a conversation in the middle of the game. I think they are onto something. Put me in coach, I'm ready!

Husbands finally home!!! Yippee!!! I was planning on showing off my new harmonica playing skills for him at baggage claim, but Phil’s flight got in early so I just picked him up at the arrival drive-up area. Instead of him being greeted with harmonica tunes probably being played incorrectly, he was greeted with kisses. I think he was happier with the kisses.


Casey said...

Cute!! What a fun time! And PS- new goal: preK soccer coach. AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

You do have the most awesome friends!!!



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