Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sing it again

Today is my Dad’s birthday! Yesterday I thought it was the 5th of Oct so I called and sang Happy Birthday to my Dad. It was the 4th, which is not my Dad’s birthday. He let me finish singing before he said, “Well thank you very much sweetie and you’re about 6 hours early too.” We laughed a little about it, or maybe laughed at me, I’m not sure which one. Oh well, at least he knows I didn’t forget. I was just too excited and wanted to be the first to sing Happy Birthday to him for his 61st birthday. I guess I’ll have to call today and sing it again!
I’m so very thankful for my Dad. He is the Dad that everyone wants. Steady, stable, funny, and loves unconditionally. Over the years my Dad has taught me more things than I can count. How to work on my own car, to be a hard worker, to tell a good story, to trap shoot, and to love Jesus with all my heart. He even took me on a date at least once a year growing up and bought me flowers! I was spoiled to be his little girl. My Dad also was the best example of how a real man and husband should be, so when I met Phil I knew that I had found the one.
Thank you for being the greatest Dad a girl could ask for. I love you Dad!

1 comment:

Noelle said...

Aw, I'm totally about to cry! How beautiful! So after you called your dad you called me, happy birthday to me! Haha, I love you!


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