Monday, October 3, 2011

Treasure Hunt

This weekend was full of old friends, family hangouts, and several birthday gift treasure hunts. My father-in-law and my Dad’s birthday is this week, so husband and I did some shopping. Whenever I go shopping for others I always end up finding things for myself. One thing for them, two things for me?? Yes please! Yesterday Phil and I searched, and searched for a gift for my Dad. My Dad is sometimes hard to buy for because if he really needs something he usually just goes and purchases it himself. However, he loves new hobbies, so I usually go with a gift that has to do with something he recently is interested in. To name a few of my amazing Dad’s hobbies: trap shooting, getting his pilot’s license and a plane, car mechanics, home upgrades and additions, and now he is going to add leather crafter to his list. Now in case you are wondering what a leather crafter means, I can’t tell you, because I have no idea. Maybe he is going to make belts, or a basket, who knows! Either way I think it’s amazing that my Dad always challenges himself to learn new things.
Phil and I tried to find leather craftsman tools yesterday online and at Home Depot. People at Home Depot looked at us like we were lost. Which of course we were. Then since we struck out we decided to go with a leather craftsmen book from Barnes and Noble. Let’s hope he likes it!

How was your weekend? Any fun stories to share??


Dani Parker said...

EL-DON AKA the Don, he is awesome :)hope you have a great bday with your dads!!!

Casey said...

Sounds super fun :-) !!!


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