Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why I love November

Confession, I stole this idea from a dear friend of mine who has a fantastic blog called the leaflet. I want to be like this woman when I grow-up. Even though she is younger than me, I completely look up to her. By the way, how old are you when you are supposed to be “grown-up”? I think I might be far from it. I still sometimes act like a child, make awkward comments just because they might be true, throw temper tantrums in the cereal aisle when husband wants a different cereal brand than me, thoroughly enjoy city parks (okay just the swing sets!) , and pout when I’m overly tired. Poor Phil, he really got a handful when he chose me!
My top ten reasons why I love November
1.   It’s husbands birthday month! I get to spoil Phil for the first time as his wife!! Also, most of the year I’m three years older than him, but from Nov-March I’m only two years older! Think about it. It makes sense. At least it does in my head.
2.   Thanksgiving with the family. We get to spend one glorious day with both my family and Phil’s. I get to forget about portion control and eat like I won’t have to run it off for the next few weeks. Not to mention a few paid days off of work. Yes please!
3.   Cold nights, with hot tea, where Phil and I cuddle up on the couch and watch movies.
4.   No shave November. Husband usually doesn’t shave in November so that he can have a manly mustache for December. Love, love, love it! Some of you might not know that Phil’s mustache is what first attracted me to him. Oh yes, love the mustache.
5.   Holiday candles that fill our apartment with the most delicious smells! What is it about candles that make a house just feel more homey too? Whatever it is, I like it.
6.   Winter clothes! In Southern Cali we don’t usually have cold weather, okay so we are pretty much pansies to the rest of the US and when the temperature is less than 70 degrees it’s considered cold.  Then I can bust out my scarves and boots and I’m a happy gal.
7.   Christmas shopping starts. Two for me, one for them. It works out nicely.
8.   Fall leaves. I don’t notice trees around here changing until November. When those leave are golden, burnt orange and slightly green still it’s such a beautiful sight. Someday I’d like to travel to the East Coast for fall and drive through New England. It is supposed to be breathtaking.
9.   Christmas party planning begins! Work parties, friend parties, and family parties are all planned in November and I like to be involved in all of the party planning committees.
10. Husband is home all month long! No work trips are planned that take him far away from me. Best month ever.


Unknown said...

What a great picture of you both. Let the holidays begin.

Casey said...

I LOVE this picture!! AND this are so awesome Laura, and so sweet!! I feel like a little baby child still, too and still have tantrums, giggles and immature moments like one haha..glad we can be that together!!!! xoxoxoxo


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