Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12 Dates of Christmas: Date 12, Christmas morning

Phil and I wanted to start a tradition of our own, and since this is our first Christmas married we decided now would be a good time to start! We spent Christmas morning just the two of us, and it was perfect. We had little food in the house, so I lovingly poured us a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Fancy I know.  Then we opened our gifts to each other! I gave Phil a vest and flannel shirt, which he looks rugged and manly in (see I’m getting better at calling him things he’ll like!). He bought me a gold Michael Kors watch!!! HELLO GORGEOUS! I flipped out because it is absolutely stunning and had no idea he would pick it out a gift so luxurious! I mean we had cereal for breakfast, for goodness sakes…. We aren’t living in the lap of luxury.  However, husband is brilliant and found my watch at Nordstrom’s Rack and got a steal! He didn’t actually steal it if that’s what you were thinking. Apparently he searched about 20 stores to find one that fit our budget and that he knew I’d love. He is such a keeper.

12 Dates of Christmas is done! Weeww heeeww! I can’t wait for next year. How was your Christmas? I’d love to know how you spent it!

This is us with our nephew James. They have matching vests! As you can see Phil and James are really excited about it. :)


Casey said...

Well you two are just the CUTEST couple! How fun!! And I love love your Michael Kors watch :)!!

Andrea said...

Oh goodness, I just love how sweet your hubby is to you! That watch is GORGEOUS!!



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