Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12 Dates of Christmas: Date 11, Christmas Eve

We stayed the night at my parents on Christmas Eve-Eve, so on Christmas Eve morning we slept in, and my mom made us a delicious breakfast. Blueberry waffles, bacon, fruit, and coffee. I’m always surprised when my pants fit me a little tighter after the holidays. I shouldn’t be. I do it to myself. I only have myself to blame. Next year I won’t over indulge. Well, maybe the year after next. Let’s play it by ear.

Throughout the day we went to three Christmas parties and were completely spoiled. We chatted with family, thanked Jesus for coming and bringing life to us, gave each other gifts, and loved every moment of the day.

1 comment:

Rose from Rosedale said...

love the photo in the midst of all the wrapping paper, boxes and gifts. gotta love it!!
Happy Holidays!!


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