Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Dates of Christmas: Date 4, Work party

I wasn’t planning on counting my work Christmas party in our 12 Dates of Christmas. But surprisingly, we had too good of a time to not count it! Phil and I live about three blocks from the restaurant that hosted my work Christmas party, so we walked there. Husband and I love walking to dinner so the date was starting out pretty good. However, since I helped plan the party I was supposed to arrive early, so instead of taking a nice leisurely stroll there, we had to power walk. In my cute heals. Heals that are supposed to be looked at and not walked in. As we hurried our bums there, I kept saying, “Hurry babe, walk faster….. Faster…. I’m  going to be late!” Phil seemed confused every time I said that and kept saying we were doing fine on time, and that we were still going to be early. After about 4 times of me trying to hurry my stress-free husband, I remembered my wrist watch was about 10 mins fast. Dang this watch… always playing tricks on me! Am I late, am I not late? Who knows!?
The rest of the evening was blissful, we chatted with my co-workers, ate yummy food, walked around the Long Beach pier, then walked to see a movie. Date 4 (minus me hassling husband to hurry it up) was a complete success.

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