Friday, December 9, 2011

Date Night Gift Guide

Do you have any couples to buy gifts for this year? Would you’d like to spoil them for Christmas? Well here are a few ideas you can give without breaking the bank! If the couple you are giving a gift to has kids, add a babysitter to any of these options and they will love you for it!

1.       Date night movie with popcorn. It’s hilarious and always promises some cuddle time.
2.       Gift cards for local restaurants. Yes please!
3.       Cookbook for couples to cook together.
4.       Kites! How fun would this be!?
5.       2 Tickets to the local comedy club. You might want to check who’s in the line-up though. Some comedians can be extra raunchy.
6.       Scrabble, perfect for just two people! Also, it’s one of mine and husbands favorite games to play together.
7.       Picnic basket filled with their picnicking needs. You could include cheese, crackers, bread, wine, or whatever your little hearts desire!


Rose from Rosedale said...

Love this idea. Great ideas!!! Thanks for commenting and following!!!!

Noelle said...

I don't have a date (yet) BUT a gift basket full of cheese, crackers, and wine is a good gift for ANYONE! Woohoo! I'm loving all your little dates!

Anonymous said...

awesome! loving your blog, so keep it up and i'll be back!



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