Monday, December 19, 2011

12 Dates of Christmas: Date 6, Naples Christmas Lights

This weekend Phil and I walked around the island of Naples and looked at all their fabulous Christmas lights. Each house is waterfront and about 90% of them own boats. Apparently they have a competition every year for which house has the best lights display, and several homes were beyond covered with Christmas lights. It was a beautiful sight and such a fun date. Throughout the night, I kept asking Phil what he thought the people that owned those houses did for a living. Then I’d peer into their houses trying to figure it out. Husband kept telling me that I was being creepy, but I ignored that and kept staring in the gorgeous homes. A few times the owners of the house caught me and stared back... slightly awkward... but it didn't stop me from doing the same thing to the next house. Here is what I came up with as possible jobs for those rich folk… doctors, lawyers, drug dealers, taxi cab drivers (seriously one house had several taxi’s out front! I might need to change professions. Of course I get lost often so that might not be a good idea. I assume people wouldn’t like it if they got in my taxi and I asked them for directions.), and naval captains.
Phil and I had a few more dates this weekend! I’ll post at least one a day.
How was your weekend? Did you go on any dates???


Casey Martinez said...

I am SO going there someday. That would make me so happy to be in a place with so many lights...on my travel to do list now! HOW FUN!!! I didn't know that you had a blog and I don't get to blog much anymore but, you have a very sweet space here friend!

Laura Unrefined said...

Thanks Casey! You definitely need to come see the pretty lights of Naples! I'll even be your tour guide! ;)


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