Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 Dates of Christmas: Date 7, the Nutcracker Ballet

About a month ago I told Phil that I’d like to go see a ballet sometime. Husband remembered me saying that and found this one a week ago. We decided that we had to go for one of our 12 Dates of Christmas! It was playing about three blocks from our apartment, at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center, so of course we walked! Long Beach weather has been tricky lately and decided to rain on us half way through our walk. Phil, being the selfless man that he is, said he would run back to our apartment and get an umbrella. As sweet as that offer was I thought it would be fun to keep walking, and let my already frizzy hair keep on curlin’ up! We walked just a little faster and prayed that it didn’t rain on our walk home. Which it didn’t! 

This was the first ballet Phil and I have ever seen so we didn’t know what to expect. The music was phenomenal, the dancers were graceful (and so incredibly flexible that it almost made me uncomfortable! How the heck do they get their bodies to bend like that!?), and the story line was classic. Husband might have fallen asleep in the middle of it, and I might have taken a picture of him sleeping. I’d love to see this ballet again, or another one! Any suggestions? 

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Casey said...

Cuties!! I love ballet, yet I totally understand Phil's snooze, it's so relaxing! Love you pal :)


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