Friday, December 2, 2011

12 Dates of Christmas

I stole this idea from a darling blog called rockstar diaries. She and her husband celebrate Christmas by making time for 12 little dates during the holiday season. Isn't that genius!? Before Christmas this is my goal. Whether Phil and I put forth extra effort and have a slightly more romantic dinner at home with candle light, or we go out for a little date, we are going to have 12 dates of Christmas!
Anyone want to join the challenge?
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Rachel Key said...

I like this idea, but need a little help, what constitutes a date? If you are either going out or staying home? Do you dress up special or say no TV? Or are you giving 12 gifts with the dates?

Laura Unrefined said...

It could be staying in or going out! Like tonight we went out for sushi and looked at some christmas lights on the way. I was thinking another date night could be baking cookies together for our neighbors! No gifts, just enjoying each others company. :)


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