Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our First Christmas

I’m the type of person that looks forward to Christmas all year long. I love the winter season, hanging out with family around a cozy fireplace, spoiling each other with gifts, Christmas carols and of course celebrating the birth of Jesus. This year is particularly exciting because it’s mine and Phil’s first year as a married couple! Yay for us!  Oh and we are already done with our Christmas shopping. Husband is an overachiever and had all the gifts we needed to purchase this year written down and planned out, so we were finished in no time! Oh how I adore that man and his planning skills.
This weekend Phil and I picked up our Christmas tree and I think it looks lovely! Don’t you? However getting our tree was slightly dramatic. Dramatic because I lost my credit card and though the Home Depot lady didn’t hand it back to me. I was wrong. Apparently I was too excited about taking pictures of our first tree and set my card down by the tree-wrapping-guys station. Thankfully tree guy liked us because husband is extra generous and literally made the tree guy take a few bucks for helping us. So, hero tree-guy saw my credit card after we left and saved it for us. Don’t you just love honest people?
This is our "first year married" ornament! We purchased it in New Orleans this year. Can you tell that Phil picked it out?

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nathanael john said...

HAHAHAHA santa riding an alligator. Probably THE best ornament I've ever seen. Well done, Phil. Well done. Your place looks amazing! When are we invited over?????


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