Monday, March 5, 2012

Hit and Runs

Husband and I live off of a very Very VERY busy street. At least every other month we hear an accident right outside our apartment. We, of course being the helpful and concerned individuals we are don't run downstairs to see if anyone needs a paper and pen, but we fling open our blinds, stare aimlessly down at the cars while they figure out who's fault it really was, and wait for the cops to arrive. Now the shocking part of all of this is that at least half of the time one of the drivers takes off. Either they drive off swiftly in their slightly broken car, OR they take off running and leave their car. I'm not sure what the rational thought is when leaving your damaged vehicle in the middle of the street to get towed, and fleeing the scene on foot, but it happens. It has shed more light on the phrase hit and run though!

Have you ever witnessed and accident when something strange like this happens? I'd love to hear your story!  
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Karla said...

haha they take off running?! Its funny but not!Craziness! I got to witness a hit and run where the party that had been hit chased after the car..

Bobby Key said...

Well when I used to live in the building right next to yours on Ocean I remember coming out to get into my car one morning and noticing the bumper of my car was completely ripped off and there was a big'o scratch from where someone had sideswiped my ride. Bummer!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Oh gosh, I was in one! An illegal (i hate to use alien haha) citizen ran a red light and slammed into 3 cars. I was the car furthest away, so I didn't have much damage. He and the passenger jumped out of the pickup truck and took off running. They were eventually caught but it was an ordeal. I know you've witnessed a lot.


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