Tuesday, July 17, 2012

London, England and its humor

Just a measly 10.5 hour flight and we arrived in beautifullyovercast London, England. This part of our trip was exciting and fairlyrelaxing. We only walked 2-3 miles a day in this city. (Just wait to hear aboutthe rest of the trip, 2-3 miles a day is nothing!) In England, we saw Steven’sTower (which houses Big Ben, the bell inside the tower), Buckingham Palace andthe changing of the guards, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Stonehenge, met somehysterical coach/bus drivers, and ate at several quaint pubs in the city.

Stonehenge was something husband really wanted to see, andit was gorgeous. You can’t really tell how large these stones are until you arethere, but my guess is that they sit at least 20 feet tall. Driving out to seethem was beautiful too. We saw the green, lush country side, filled withmeadows, red tulips and lambs, and witnessed a part of England that you don’t experiencejust staying in the city of London.

A major highlight to me was meeting the people in England. Ilove British dry humor, and in their accents the jokes sound twice as funny!One bus driver was explaining to us that Big Ben is the bell inside the tower,and the man it was named after was named Benjamin (something…. I never reallypay attention to last names), and the Brits were glad that the bell wasn’t namedafter a man named Richard because the tower would be called Big…… instead ofBig Ben! Ummm yea, the humor was borderline inappropriate ( okay, okay pretty inappropriate) and of course crackedme up.

England was just 1/3 of our trip! Stay tuned to hear aboutParis and Rome!

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