Monday, December 10, 2012

Decorating PeaTree

For some reason I have to name our tree each year. I don't know why I have to... I just do! This year our lovely evergreen (really only truly green until about Dec. 22nd when the needles start falling off at an alarming and rapid pace) has affectionally been named PeaTree. It is un-perfect in sweets ways, and it makes me love it more. Husband and I picked up PeaTree a little over a week ago and since then our apartment has smelled delicious! I'm pretty sure that my favorite part of getting a real tree is the smell. Anyone else? Well husband and I have a tradition that on every vacation we take, we buy an ornament to remind us of our adventure! Then while decorating the tree we pull out the ornaments and tell stories of each adventure. This year we adorned PeaTree with our memories and enjoyed the evening sipping coco and just enjoying each others company. 

1 comment:

casey ann said...

yay you're back!! and i name my tree too!! reginald this year.. :)!!


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