Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cheering gets the job done

My amazing husband and his BFF Nathan built me a deck this weekend! Yes, it was for me because anything that’s done in the month of March is in celebration of my birthday. Don’t you celebrate your birthday all month long!? I take full advantage of it. Anyways, they started and completed this beautiful deck in just 2 days! Owen and I were very impressed. I supported them by bringing them ice water every so often and cheering them on. I’m pretty sure my cheers were what they needed to finish the job so quickly. Maybe they worked so fast because they were trying to get me to stop cheering... hmmm interesting… either way it worked!

1 comment:

casey said...

I am just OH SO IMPRESSED with you guys and all your house projects!! I just want more more more!! So amazing!! PS did I miss your birthday?? Hope not!! I'm a full month celebrator as well :D


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